Computational Consulting Services

Paanduv has successfully delivered complex real-time industrial projects majorly focusing on optimization and improving the process efficiency in various industries. We provide low-cost, accurate, scalable, and custom solutions using computational physics techniques such as CFD, DEM, FEA, and Monte Carlo and also exploit faster solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). We have confidently outscored open-source software with proof of a complete validation manual generated by Paanduv and with the successful delivery of our consulting projects so far. Wherever necessary we provide coupled physics and data-driven modeling solutions to gain benefits of the both. We are not limited to just one physics but integration of multiphase modeling, rotating meshes, dynamic meshes, external aerodynamics, reaction kinetics, conjugate heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, laser dynamics, phase change, scour and sediment transport, non-Newtonian flows, turbulence, supersonic ballistics, advanced post-processing, compressible flows, combustion and spray modeling.

Steps that we follow for delivery of a successful project