Developed by Paanduv Applications Private Limited, India

Quant Pracar

A Quantum AI software

(Version 1.0, May 2024)

Quant Pracar User Manual And Demo

Introducing Quant Pracar, the world's first educational application powered by Quantum Artificial Intelligence developed by Paanduv R&D. Designed to support both academic research and a wide range of industries, from healthcare to banking, Quant Pracar is a versatile tool for advancing quantum knowledge and applications. Our mission is to democratize quantum computing, ignite global enthusiasm, and establish India as a forefront leader in quantum computing and software development. 

Key Features

Launching Quant Pracar 

Once Quant Pracar is initiated, the terminal will open in the background along with the GUI.

Home Page Overview

Modules Provided by Quant Pracar’s GUI

Here as we are learning from scratch we will first go to the Train model module and once training is completed we will proceed with prediction.

Launching new project

Step 1: Create a New Project

Step 2: Upload Dataset

Step 3: Select Algorithm

Model Training

Step 1: Select the Feature Map and Algorithm 

Step 2: Set Hyperparameters 

Step 3: Review and Train the Model 

Step 4: Monitor Training and Evaluation

Step 5: View Evaluation and Visualization

Step 6: Access Project Files

Navigate to the project folder to find various files, including:

Making Predictions

Step 1: Access Prediction Window

Step 2: Upload Model and Input Data

Step 3: View Prediction Results