AM PravaH: World’s first all-inclusive 3D Computational Software for Additive Manufacturing 

Unleashing the Power of Virtualization for Next-Gen AM Industries

AM PravaH is a parallelized computational modeling software with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) dedicated to AM processes and developed by Paanduv R&D. AM PravaH is powered by an ensemble of advanced numerical programs that are developed by researchers around the globe and by us; tailored and improvised by Paanduv R&D for AM specific tasks.

Computational modeling capabilities of AM PravaH - The current version of AM PravaH has the capability of modeling AM processes across scales including macroscale, and microscale. Additionally, particle modeling is included in the software for AM processes that use metal powders. At the macroscale, laser dynamics, melt pool dynamics, phase change, solidification, Marangoni effects, heat, and mass transfer, and surface tension effects are captured. At the microscale, grain structure, grain size, and grain morphology are captured. Also, a robust and advanced deep learning module is added for predicting AM process parameters and build quality using experimental or simulation data. 

An advanced deep learning module is added for predicting AM process parameters and build quality using experimental or simulation data.

Product Features


Graphical User Interface

Additional Features

AM PravaH Simulation Process Flow 


Thermophysical properties

Process parameters

Initial chamber conditions


Flow data

Thermal data


What is Unique in AM PravaH?

Seamless Defect Prediction 

Are you wasting your data?

Not anymore!

Process parameter optimization, better decision-making, utilization of experimental data, utilization of simulation data

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FAQs about AM PravaH

Simulation software that emphasizes process modeling can be useful in this case. AM PravaH is the best example in this context. It helps you understand the in-depth physics. Due to the small timescales and highly transient nature of the melt flow, it is very difficult to reveal dynamic behavior inside the melt pool.

You can do a small single-track run by varying your process parameters using AM PravaH at comparatively lower accuracy. With varying the parameters you will have a good idea of the ranges you want to operate in to get defect-free parts. Do a final run with high accuracy in AM PravaH to ensure that there are no defects. 

Yes, there is a slider in AM PravaH that gives you the flexibility to 

No, the software can not be operated on the cloud. We ensure complete data security.

AM PravaH Software runs in a stand-alone manner with no data exchange after the installation.

Not yet, The Paanduv R&D team has validated the solvers for DED. It is in the testing stage. We will soon integrate it into the software module. However, we are open to providing DED as a consulting service.