Paanduv Applications Advanced Academic Program (PA3P)

November, 2023


Adwaith Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Paanduv Applications

MS, Stanford University

Dr. Rimzhim Gupta

Research Scientist 

Paanduv Applications

PhD, IISc Bangalore

Pruthvi Utturwar

Research Engineer

Paanduv Applications

M.Tech, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology


- Filling out the registration form alone does not confirm the seat.

- After filling out the registration form, please make the payment for seat confirmation.

- Payment will not be refunded.

- After making the payment Paanduv team will contact you via mail or phone within 48 hrs.

- If you have any issues regarding registration and payment, contact us at

PA3P registered students get a chance to free participate in the International Simulation Olympiad contest.

PA3P aims to promote sustainable CFD by proliferating open-source CFD software to more and more people from academia.

We provide hands-on training "CFD with OpenFOAM" in multiple fields such as Thermal Management, Aerospace and Defense, HVAC, and Water and Environmental covering the most used physics i.e. conjugate heat transfer, turbulent flows, multiphase flows, and buoyancy-driven flows.

More information

-We conduct training for students.

-We provide institute-wide training.

-We provide personalized training in advanced research areas such as Sediment Scour Modeling, Additive Manufacturing, Reaction Kinetics for Clean Energy, and AI in CFD.

-We customize the training modules for specific users.

-We help institutes and industries migrate to open-source CFD software

-We provide academic licenses for AM PravaH. AM PravaH is our personalized - computational modeling software with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) dedicated to Additive Manufacturing processes developed by Paanduv R&D. 

Collaborate with us for "CFD with OpenFOAM" Hands-On Industrial Training" 

 Contact Details-

+91 8218317925

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