DC Pracar

(Data Center - Physics Reliant Advanced Computational & Artificial Intelligence Research) 

AI-Powered Computational Physics for complex problems

The use of computational physics techniques for modeling physical phenomena has increased worldwide with the advancement in computing capabilities of systems. Every organization today wants to use computational physics techniques such as CFD to improve their work cycle by optimizing the processes.

Though computation has become easier than ever, simulating real-world problems requires lots of time and effort. Especially when we try to create optimal systems with the help of CFD or other computational physics techniques, the amount of resources it requires to reach the conclusion increases with the complexity of the problem. Many times engineers run multiple simulations varying the parameters trying to get the intuition of the process and reach the optimum solution. 

Here AI comes to the rescue when engineers are unable to reach conclusions or make decisions even after multiple simulations. 

At Paanduv Applications, our team with expertise in Computational physics and AI has developed a simulation software that helps engineers make faster predictions for their complex problems (in this case related to data centers' HVAC modeling), hence saving time and money.

DC Pracar 

(Data Center - Physics Reliant Advanced Computational & Artificial Intelligence Research) 

It is specifically designed by the Paanduv R&D team for data centers to predict the heat island effect in dry coolers.

Dry cooler specification and arrangement in the data farm have a huge impact on its cooling efficiency due to an increase in surrounding temperature as they blow hot air into the atmosphere, this is popularly known as the heat island effect. Since the dry cooler uses ambient air for cooling, this heat island effect becomes problematic for the whole cooling system. 

Looking at the complexity and the size of the computational domain, It is almost impossible to get the optimum arrangement of dry coolers with the help of conventional computational engineering. 

DC Pracar powered with AI, with its friendly GUI, has the capability to predict the heat island effect for different Dry cooler specifications, arrangement as well as ambient wind speed and direction. 

DC Pracar makes 360 predictions (360° wind directions) with a single click, within only 10 seconds saving about 99% of computation time.

Yes! This is possible with Paanduv Applications. 

Easy-to-install, easy-to-use GUI application DC Pracar-2.0, is being used to design Data Centres for the world’s largest Social Media Company. 

With the help of Pracar simulation software, the need for repetitive simulations can be avoided making predictions simpler.