Paanduv Applications is a cutting-edge technology company, that specializes in providing comprehensive computational physics, artificial intelligence (AI), and software development services. With an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled scientists, developers, and engineers, we are operating at the forefront of advanced computational physics techniques and AI technologies to solve complex real-world problems across various industries.

Our Core Competencies

Customized computational multiphysics solutions 

Coupled physics and data-driven modeling solutions

User and industry-specific software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) development 

Advanced Industry 4.0 solutions 

How Are We Different? 

Domain experties

Data security 

Strong partnerships with academia and industry

Updated with scientific advancements 

Proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects across industries

Computational Consulting Services

Simulation Software Development

DC Pracar

AM Pracar

Adwaith Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

MS, Stanford University

Paanduv's vision

"Paanduv’s aim is to upgrade every company's technology to it's cutting-edge by making computational engineering an integral part of their workflow"

Paanduv's mission

Every 1% of improvement to your existing engineering and manufacturing pipelines can give you a "sustainable competitive advantage" on a global stage. Our scientists and engineers bring that advantage to your company by providing advanced end-to-end computational engineering solutions which are accurate, low-cost, and sustainable. And at the core of this vision is the pride in our honest scientific rigor, proven track record, and fearless working culture. 

Honored to be awarded the Best Startup award by the honorable Governor of Uttar Pradesh and ex-chief minister of Gujarat, 

Smt Anandiben Patel ji