Simulation Software Development

Paanduv has released two in-house simulation software of two completely different but dominating industries i.e. AM Pracar and DC Pracar for Additive Manufacturing, and Data center industries respectively. We offer our expertise in developing physics-based techniques such as CFD, DEM, FEA, Monte Carlo, and data-driven (AI) custom software solutions. This solution is an end-to-end solution that starts with Physics-based calculations followed by data-driven modeling and ends with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) development for the client. We are not limited to just one physics but integration of multiphase modeling, rotating, and dynamic meshes, external aerodynamics, reaction kinetics, conjugate heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, laser dynamics, phase change, scour and sediment transport, non-Newtonian flows, turbulence, supersonic ballistics, compressible flows, combustion, and spray modeling. To promote a sustainable computational practice, low-cost, accuracy, and ease of customization we completely rely on open-source software.  

Steps that we follow for delivery of a successful product

DC Pracar

(Data Center - Physics Reliant Advanced Computational & Artificial Intelligence Research) 

AM Pracar

(Additive Manufacturing - Physics Reliant Advanced Computational & Artificial Intelligence Research)